2015 Awards Banquet

On May 1, 2015, EKZ held its Annual Awards Banquet at the Chapter House. The event played to a packed Chapter Room, including 23 alumni ranging from E-K 300 Frank Bockius to E-K 1501 Tevin Hill. In addition, the three living EKZ Order of Merit Recipients (Frank Bockius – 1978, John McGarrigle – 1988 and Mark Stitz – 2014) were in attendance. Brother (Taco) Lou Williams prepared the Prime Rib Feast.

The following awards were presented:

  1. Philanthropist of the Year - Andrew Garber
  2. Sportsman of the Year - Lee Jacobs
  3. Scholar of the Year - Kirpal Kochar
  4. Recruiter of the Year - Ian Lempitsky
  5. Alumnus of the Year - Mark Stitz
  6. Senior of the Year - Mike Elmer
  7. New Member of the Year - Declan Patterson
  8. Brother of the Year - Mike Elmer


The evening also included a brief Annual Meeting of the Alumni Corporation. Business conducted during the meeting consisted of:

  1. An update of completed and proposed repairs and renovations to the Chapter House during the previous year
  2. Revisions to the Alumni Corporation By-Laws, including the removal of term limits for officers and directors
  3. Officers and director elections


A good time was had by all as we told old stories, enjoyed good food and great friends….both old and new.