Chapter History

                Alpha Upsilon Mu, 1928

The Epsilon-Kappa chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha has existed on Drexel’s campus since before Drexel was recognized as a university. In 1941, Lambda Chi Alpha saw its newest official chapter begin at the Drexel Institute of Technology after local fraternity, Alpha Upsilon Mu (est. 1924), joined the ever-growing brotherhood.

Lambda Chi Alpha Rechartering Banquet, 2012

Since then over 1,600 men have been initiated and have enjoyed the perks of a lifetime of TRUE brotherhood. For over 75 years, Epsilon-Kappa has held countless philanthropy events to combat hunger; committed copious amounts of hours to bettering our community, and have always striven to be the best men we can be.

The Epsilon-Kappa Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha has had a long history at Drexel University. In the fall of 2009, the re-founding fathers of the Drexel Chapter were brought into the fraternity and began building and bettering the organization. In the winter of 2010, the 24 re-founding fathers were initiated and since then, the Chapter has continued to grow!