Alumni Advisory Board

The mission of the Alumni Advisory Board is to advise and to help to improve the operations of the chapter or colony through the promotion of the ideals and principles of Lambda Chi Alpha, while at the same time, develop and strengthen the fraternal experience for all involved.

The Alumni Advisory Board is structured to assist the undergraduate chapter in their pursuit of a successful chapter as well as their journey towards true brotherhood. Chapter success requires brothers to strive for the highest standards, to utilize the teachings of our Ritual, and to assist one another towards the achievement of their goals. Consistent leadership from active alumni brothers is essential to keep a chapter on the right track and direct them toward excellence. One of the purposes of the True Brother Initiative is to produce more active and involved alumni brothers. For this reason there is a need for current alumni involvement to set an example of what being a “Lifetime Brother” really means.

An alumni advisory board has four main objectives:

  1. Act as mentors, counseling and guiding undergraduate members
  2. Act as teachers to develop and refine fraternity related skills
  3. Act as evaluators to help measure success and compliance with Lambda Chi Alpha’s standards
  4. Act as a cheerleader, offering encouragement and recognition for achievements by the chapter and individual members

If you are interested in joing the Alumni Advisory Board as an advisor, or helping out in a smaller capacity, please contact the AAB Chairman Mark Stitz at

Current Alumni Advisory Board Members:

  • High Pi/Chairman – Mark Stitz
  • High Alpha Mentor – Mark Stitz
  • High Beta Mentor – Sean Flynn
  • High Theta Mentor – Michael Elmer
  • High Gamma Mentor – Mark Stitz
  • High Tau Mentor – Michael Elmer
  • High Rho Mentor – Michael Elmer
  • High Iota Mentor – Mark Stitz
  • High Kappa Mentor – Matthew Mazur
  • High Delta Mentor – Sean Flynn
  • High Phi Mentor – Dominick R. DiGioia
  • High Sigma Mentor – Keegan McHose
  • High Epsilon Mentor – Mark Stitz
  • Standards Chairman Mentor – Matthew Mazur
  • House Manager Mentor – vacant
  • Athletics Chairman Mentor – vacant
  • Technology Chairman Mentor – Dominick R. DiGioia
  • Inner Circle Steward Mentor – Dominick R. DiGioia